Water Softeners
Colored Water
Stinky Water
​Calcium Hardness​
Iron and Mangnese
Mangnese and Sulfur
  •  Hard water may cause a film on glass shower doors, shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, etc.

  • ​Clothes laundered in hard water may look dingy and feel harsh and scratchy.
  • Hair washed in hard water may feel sticky and look dull.
  • Red, orange, brown, black staining
  • Slimy red/brown residue (Biomass)
  • Appliances, pipes, fixtures, and even water treatment equipment can become clogged
  • Strong "Rotten-Egg" odor

  • Ocasional dark color to the water.

  • Slimy black residue (Biomass)
  • Appliances, pipes, and fixtures become clogged